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Our Bespoke Barnham Curriculum


Our vision for all in our school is to InspireCherish and Believe in each person that they might flourish and fulfil their potential.


We live this out in school like this verse from the Gospel of John 15:5:


Jesus said ‘I am the vine; you are the branches. 

If you abide in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit.’


Our six values (Hope, Thankfulness, Friendship, Compassion, Justice and Forgiveness) chosen by our school community, underpin our teaching and learning, behaviour and expectations in our school.

Our six values are at the heart of our curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to support each child to be a hopeful, compassionate learner demonstrating friendship towards others and recognising the need for justice and forgiveness in our world.


Our curriculum is rooted in our local context; learning from the productive, historic, and environmentally diverse area around us.  Branching out from this our curriculum explores our national and global community, developing children’s understanding and appreciation of the wider world, through exposure to and experiencing a range of different careers, faiths, beliefs and pathways into the future.


We know that children remember knowledge content if they are able to make links and weave together their prior learning, enabling them to go forwards with confidence to tackle complex and deep lifelong learning.  Our curriculum has four threads, in each topic children will learn new knowledge and develop their skills through activities, experiences and hands on exploration within one of the four threads.


  1. Climate
  2. Births, Deaths & Burials
  3. Influencers and Leaders
  4. Evolving Communities




Children will study the effects of differing climates in contrasting localities, from the past, present and in the future. Children will study the influence of the climate on the natural environment, geographical environment and different communities, including the challenges we face and innovations to overcome these.


Births, Deaths and Burials


Learning through this thread children will explore attitudes, ideas and beliefs across a range of faiths and throughout different communities at different times. They will explore how scientific developments have improved lives of ordinary people


Influencers and Leaders


Children will study inspirational individuals across the fields of human endeavour to identify the impact they had and identify the most admirable traits in human beings. We want our children to recognise the importance and impact of resilience, bravery, hope, compassion, and courage.   


Evolving Communities


Starting with our own community, our children will investigate and explore communities around the world and throughout the ages; identifying what makes them unique and the similarities they share. Leading to an understanding of how and why communities have evolved.


Through our curriculum we want to unlock children’s potential and enable them to discover their talents and passion, and be ready for the next stage of their journey.


At Barnham CEVC Primary School we aim to build on and extend the new National Curriculum. In doing so, we strive for curriculum breadth, balance and coherence.


Our innovative curriculum has been designed to fit and meet the needs of our own learners.

As a team we have designed our curriculum to meet our collective aims and aspirations for a curriculum that allows children to:


* have empathy and consideration

* be inspired - have a hunger for learning

* engage in real, purposeful learning experiences

* explore and learn in depth

* develop life long social and communication skills

* be immersed in learning through the outdoor environment

* create, invent and imagine

* be challenged through engagement and enjoyment


As a staff team we aim to:


make learning irresistible