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Forest School

14th October 2021


We all worked together to make a fire safety circle using tyres, crates and logs. We then found bricks and put them in a circle around the fire pit to keep the fire contained. Our amazing Mrs Truman lit a fire and we heated apple juice mixed with a bit of sweet cinnamon in it. We sat around our lovely fire drinking our warm drink and eating marshmallows! 

23rd September 2021


We used clay and clay tools to sculpt pots and bowls, monsters, faces and animals. We then wound wool around card leaves to create textured leaves, which looked amazing!

      16th September 2021

We found an interesting leaf and drew around it on a paper plate. We then chose some interesting colours to drop onto the plate. Then, using a magnet and a paper clip, we moved the paint around to create interesting patters, before letting it dry and then cutting out the shape of the leaf.


We found interestingly shaped sticks. Using wool we decorated our sticks and turned them into magic wands! Watch out! We are very good a casting spells with them!