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Spring 1

7th December 2022

Today we learnt about the events of the 3rd and 4th September 1666, during The Great Fire of London. We discovered that people used fire hooks to pull down houses and gunpowder to blow houses up, trying to create fire breaks to stop the spread of the fire. They used leather buckets of water and water squirts to put the fire out, which were very ineffective. 
We learnt about Samuel Pepys and his diary, which was an important way to learn about the events that took place. Interestingly, Samuel Pepys buried his prized possessions to keep them safe from the fire…..his wine and cheese!!!!!

This afternoon, we copied Samuel Pepys and buried cheese, wrapping them in 5 different materials to see which ones would be water proof and worm proof. Only cloth existed during 1666, so when we dig our cheese up, we are excited to see how safe Samuel Pepys’ cheese would have been. 

Autumn 1



7.9.22 Making houses from The Great Fire of London