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Hello Hedgehogs!


Here is some learning for you to complete at home.  Please email me with photos of your home learning so I can see all of the amazing things you have been doing.



Practise all of the sounds you have learnt this half term (attached below are all of the sounds).  Make sure you focus on the sounds you find tricky!


On our class page is a video on how to say all of the sounds.




Practise writing all of the sounds you have learnt. 


Practise writing your name - this is something we have been doing in class.


Draw a picture of all of the people in your family - remember that we are trying not to draw stick men / women!


Can you label all of the people in your family?  Maybe even write just the initial sound?


Where else can you write?  In some sand?  In the mud?  Using water?  On the shower screen?




Practise your counting from 0-10.  Can you count as you walk up the stairs?  How many jumps can you do?  Can you clap as you count?  How many items of food do you have on your lunch plate?


Measure objects that are longer or shorter / lighter or heavier / taller or shorter.