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If you go down to the woods today...

You will find some soggy Moles! The rain didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves for a little while though. We helped to build a bonfire, went on bug hunts, did some hammering and sawing. We had so much fun!

Story Book Boxes

We have been making the settings of our favourite stories this week. Can you guess which story it is?

Investigation Station

We have been exploring some of the interesting objects we found in the forest yesterday. We can see some budding Scientists! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Did you know Moles love reading?

We are still doing our speed reading every day in Mole class, it means everyone gets to read to an adult every day which is great for practising. We also have our book nook, blankets, books on the iPad and our reading tent. There is definitely a bug for reading because some of Fox class came to share stories with us as well. We can’t wait to have more of Fox class visit us in the week.

Poem in a Jar

What amazing home learning you have done over the half term! We made poems in jars and then read them out to the rest of the class today. There was some fantastic reading! We can’t wait to see some more. 

Story Boxes

We have begun making our story boxes and they are starting to look incredible! We will keep you updated. Make sure you come and check them out when they are finished!


We have been busy painting fish in Mole Class, ready to go in our peaceful space on the playground. Keep your eyes peeled for a colourful new look.

Shared Reading​​​​​​

We were very lucky to share stories we love with Fox class today. We swapped books and had some great book blether. Thanks Fox class!


Wow! Check out our amazing division work we have been doing. We have been working so hard, using cubes and a pictorial method. 

We've Got the Whole World in our Hands

We have been looking at globes this week, we made our own globes with papier mache and then cut out the continents and stuck them out. We know the continents are; Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antartica. 


Book Blanket

Miss Potter did some learning of her own this week and has come back with lots of ideas to encourage reading for pleasure in the classroom. We started with a big book blanket and explored all of the books we have in our book nook. We really enjoyed seeing all of the stories and selected some of our favourites to put back in the book nook. Not before reading them though!

Tick Tock goes the Clock...

This week we have been learning how to tell the time. We used clocks and even drew our own to practice o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Grown ups make sure to test our amazing new skills!

The Clock Tower

This week we have been using a visual text in our writing. We watched a short clip called 'The Clock Tower' and learnt about adjectives. Take a look at some of our amazing writing, we wrote some beautiful sentences using adjectives and even used conjunctions!

And a Happy New Year!

Welcome back Moles! We hope you enjoyed a well deserved rest over the Christmas period.  We have hit the ground running with our learning in Mole Class and have started our new topic 'We've got the Whole World in our Hands'. Take a look at some of the things the children asked to learn about.

Picture 1

A Very Messy Morning!

Thank you to all of the grown-ups that came to our Christmas themed story cafe. We made our own Supertato baubles, wrapping paper with potato printing and we made our own snow! We had LOTS of fun and the classroom was a bit of a mess (sorry Mrs Arnold). Take a look at our pictures!

Into the woods we go...

Wow what an amazing day! We had so much fun in the forest today, we coppiced trees to make fence posts and fire wood. Then we made wigwams to stop the deer eating the new shoots from the felled trees. We took advantage of our day in the forest by climbing trees, building dens, bug hunting and toasting marshmallows! Thank you to John, Ian and Matthew for taking us!

Biscuit Bear

We had a fantastic morning with our grown ups in Mole Class. We had the opportunity to share our favourite story 'Biscuit Bear'. We made Biscuit Bear masks, story spoons and decorated our own biscuit bears. Thank you so much to all the grown ups that came, keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Biscuit Bear!

We love love love Biscuit Bear in Mole Class! We made our own out of salt dough and then made our own versions of the pastry shop display. We then used the iPad's to take photos and caption them. Take a look at some of our photos...


Take a look at our fantastic maths learning we have been doing, we have been working really hard. We have role played a shop and used real money. Look how proud we are!

The Giant Jam Sandwich

We have been learning out to write instructions and we finished by making our own jam sandwiches after reading the story 'The Giant Jam Sandwich'. We wrote some fantastic instructions on how we made them!

Welcome back!

We hope you have all had a wonderful summer holidays! We are super excited to meet our new Moles and welcome back our new Year 2's. 

This term our topic is 'Come Dine With Me', once the children are back we will talk about all the exciting things that the children would like to learn about. 


Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in every Wednesday and all of their uniform is named so that we can make sure everyone goes home with the right things.

We already have lots of exciting things planned for a jam packed year of learning!


Please feel free to come and speak to us at the end of the day if you have any questions or queries, we will always be happy to speak to you. You are always welcome to come into the classroom and see what your children have been doing.