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Visions and Values

Our Vision


Welcome to Barnham CEVC Primary School, a small school in the beautiful rural village of Barnham in Suffolk. 


At Barnham CEVC we aim to create a school full of learning, adventure and discovery in which children feel safe and secure. We offer high quality teaching that embraces our school values and strives for excellence. We aim for all the children at Barnham CEVC to develop a love of learning, build individual strengths and talents to become confident and independent citizens.


As a team we are committed to exciting teaching and irresistible learning.


We work closely with our local community to enhance both community life and the children’s learning experiences, please visit our Community pages to find out more about our local and global community links.

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Values for Life


Our aim is for our school to become a place where we can all develop; both spiritually and morally, in turn becoming better prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

The children will take time every half term to explore each of the values. 


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hope reverence friendship truthfulness courage responsibility




belonging thankfulness love creativity peace trust




Trust is rooted in truthfulness and grows through our experiences of reliability and integrity.  It is the basis of all relationships, including that with God.  It is a two-way gifting of one to another, making us open to love, friendship, giving and sharing.



'Peace' means much more than the absence of war or conflict.  The Christian understanding of peace includes healing and health, wholeness and well-being. It's about harmony, stability and security within a community, where people flourish because they are nurtured.  It means building understanding and tolerance and being inclusive.  And that's what our school is about!


Peace newsletter



God created us to be like him - able to use our imagination to create something amazing!  It can be anything: a piece of writing, pictures, dance, song, music, drama, modelling, gardening, cooking, building.  The list is endless!

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Jesus told us to love God and love one another.  We are so precious that all of us should be cherished and comforted and encouraged.  Who needs your love today?

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Thankfulness is a very important Christian value as it is at the heart of each of our lives as everything that we have is a gift.  We are so blessed to be living in a beautiful part of the world and to be able to be out in the natural world.  Seeing the world as God’s creation underpins the way we approach everything in life, seeing it as a gift and not as a right.





We all depend on each other: everyone is needed and valued and each person is important to our whole school family.  Outside of school we are in fellowship and love with each other as family, friends, communities, our nation, humanity, the created world!  We are like webs of love criss-crossing the world; surrounded and sustained by God's love.


We are all made by our loving Father to be unique and yet in love we all fit together somehow!  Here is a picture made by the children of us all at school.  It shows just how we feel - that we belong together:


Belonging Newsletter



At the heart of responsibility is respect for ourselves, other people and the world around us as the creation of God.  So we take responsibility for:


- ourselves - looking after our bodies and minds as well as        taking care of our feelings and actions

- tasks that we share

- helping others, even those we may never meet

- looking after our planet and all the plants and animals on it


We don't have do it all ourselves - it's all about teamwork with each other.  We can always ask God to help us too!

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Our courage comes from knowing that God has our back.  He is the solid support from which we can go on adventures, reach out for our dreams and confront our fears.

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Jesus said, 'you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.'


Truthfulness is essential to human life and lies at the heart of all relationships.  If we are truthful then other people can trust us.  Trust leads to respect for people and for the way that they live their lives.  It means that we can rely on people when we feel vulnerable, for example trusting our friends to look after us and not tease us.  This respect leads us to be more truthful and more caring with each other. 

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During the process of creation, God realised that it wasn't good for people to be alone.  Human beings need others to love, and others to love them.  We need to be in friendship with each other, and with Him.


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Reverence is a deep feeling of respect and love for God. It’s those moments of feeling in awe, moments of glory, moments of knowing that you are valued by someone who is greater than yourself. It’s also respect and love for those around us, for our world, and for ourselves.



Reverence Newsletter



Hope gives us energy and keeps people going through difficult times. For some people, hope is so strong that it inspires self-sacrifice to turn hope into reality. For Christians, hope is more than a general feeling that things will get better. It is a hope rooted in the character of God: he is faithful to his people and can be relied on. He is like a strong rock and his promises can be trusted.


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