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Happy Friday Badgers! 


It is our second 'Feel Good Friday'. I am so excited to see what activities you choose from the grid today! Make sure you send me photos of what you get up to. 


Don't forget we have a whole school sharing assembly at 10am.


We also have our live lesson with Mr Hawthorne at 11am. Make sure you bring your questions about soils on the farm. Please come into the meeting with your microphone muted. When it is question time, I will ask you to put your hands up and then I will say your name and you can unmute you microphone to ask. Just like we do in our morning Google Meet. The link will be on the Google Classroom 10 mins before. 


These are the type of questions we had in class:

How many types of soil do you have on the farm?

Do you use a soil auger to look at the layers of soil?

Is the soil on the farm light or dark in colour?

What is the best type of soil for carrots?

What type of soil is best for potatoes?

What soil is best for growing trees?

Are the rocks in the soil, good or bad for the crops?

What type of soil is the hardest to plant things in?

Do you have to add any nutrients to your soil to help the plants grow?


Have a wonderful day, a fabulous weekend and an amazing half term. 


Miss A smiley