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Welcome to Squirrel’s Class Page!

Teacher: Miss Tara Cross

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sarah Joubert

Welcome back to Barnham and welcome to Squirrel Class, Year 5! We hope you’ve had a brilliant Christmas and are ready for some exciting and irresistible learning again in the Spring term!

Some things to note:


  • P.E. will be with Ryan every Monday afternoon. Please come to school in your P.E. kit on Mondays so you can wear this all day ready for your session in the afternoon!
  • Homework will be sent out on Fridays in your homework books. You will have a week to complete it, so it will always be due in the next Friday. If you have any trouble with the homework, please let me know so we can look at it together!
  • You will always need to have a reading book from school to read at home. When you have finished reading your book, please bring it back to school and let us know so we can help you to choose a new one.
  • Make sure to log all of your reading (both independently and with someone at home) on Go Read!

Spring 1

This half term we will be learning...



In reading we will be reading the book 'Secrets of a Sunking' all about the secrets behind an Egyptologist's discovery about a King whose tomb archaeologists are desperately hunting for.



In our writing lessons we will be starting the term by writing formal letters of application, then a first person narrative and lastly a poem.



We will be starting the term by learning short and long multiplication methods as well as short division. We will then move onto the topic of fractions.



In History we will be continuing with our exciting topic 'The Ancient Greeks'. We will be finding out more about their myths and legends this half term.



In Geography we will be carrying on learning all about biomes and countries of the World. We will be looking deeper into different biomes and what animals and plants survive in them.



This half term our Science topic is 'Forces,' so we will be investigating friction as well as gravity, air resistance and water resistance.



We are going to be designing and creating Greek vases out of clay!





This half term in PE we will be doing dance.





Geography - Biomes around the World!

In Geography, we have been learning about biomes and different environments across the World, including what their climates are like and what animals and plants can survive in them.


Every pair has had their own biome to research and become experts in! We have created information posters explaining everything there is to know about their biome, including carefully drawn pictures of them.


This week, we have brought their biomes to life by creating spectacular re-creations of each biome in a cardboard box! We were delighted to welcome parents to come to their ‘Biomes Exhibition’ to see our amazing creations and find out all about what we have been learning!

14.01.22 Biomes in a box!

14.01.22 Biomes Information Posters

The Enchanted Forest Library!

After the grand opening of our newly revamped library last term, we have been enjoying spending our story time in the Enchanted Forest Library! This has become one of our favourite times of the day where we can relax under the reading tree and twinkling lights with a cushion and listen to our class story.