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Trips to the Farm

Trip to the Farm 22/10/20

This term, we have been celebrating our wonderful world and all of the special things on it, so today we enjoyed a trip to the farm.


We all wrapped up warm and climbed onto the trailer. The ride to the farm was so much fun!

We saw pheasants, seagulls, tractors and many other things that I'm sure the

Hedgehogs will tell you about!


Once we arrived at the pigs, the tractor stopped for us to take a closer look!

We were so excited to see that there were mummy pigs (sows) and their piglets were there.


We asked some great questions and learnt so much from Mr Hawthorne!


Natty asked, how old are they?

We couldn't believe it! Some of the Mummy pigs were the same age as us - 5! The piglets were only 2 weeks old.


Emily asked, when do they sleep?

Mr Hawthorne explained that the pigs sleep when it is dark. And they like to sleep in their huts!


Cole asked, how many babies do they have?

 Each Sow normally has around 10 piglets, 3 times a year!