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Summer Term Week 3

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend.  Well done for completing your newspaper reports on Captain Tom's incredible fundraising efforts.  It appears Captain Tom is not the only one who has been doing great things for charity.  Cam - and his brother Fin - have raised a terrific £629 by shaving their heads.  I have attached the clips from the local newspaper that reported their story in a Powerpoint presentation below.  I am sure Cam would love it if you could send him some 'well done' messages.  
For English today, I have set another newspaper challenge for you, so read Cam's article for some inspiration.  See if you can include some quotes.  Don't forget your speech punctuation (especially those inverted commas).  
In the afternoon, carry on with Mrs Jameson's art project and enjoy some exercise for PE.  
Have a good day!
Well done for all you work yesterday.  I loved your messages to Cam and enjoyed reading Ayiana;s newspaper report about Cam's fundraising achievements - I  have attached it below.   My clippers finally arrived and my daughters had great fun cutting my hair.  (I think Cam might have done a better job!)  The photos are attached on the 'Spot the Difference' slide - bonus points if you can name the celebrities.   
Have a good day!  
Bonjour!   There is some English and Maths work, as usual, this morning.  For the afternoon, I have made another short video to help you complete some French work.  Practise saying the French words to describe things you would find in a classroom (or on your table while you are home-learning!)  After that, draw and label the items.  I know how good at drawing you all are, so I'm looking forward to seeing your work later today.  

Thursday 7th May


It looks like it is going to be another lovely sunny day today.  I hope you enjoy it!  For the English work today I have asked you to put yourselves in Fred's shoes.  What decision would you make if you were him? Would you return to the site of the crashed plane or would you try to find your own way through the rainforest to the city of Manaus?  I look forward to seeing what you decide!  I have uploaded a video of myself reading the chapter which, I hope, will be of some help.

Friday 8th May


Today is VE Day.  It is a Bank Holiday. (if we were at school, we would have had a day off today).  Complete today's work at your own discretion.  I have attached some maths work and a spelling activity.  In the afternoon, you could research why we commemorate VE Day. (the links below will help).  You could make some Union Flag bunting or try cooking from an authentic 1940s recipe.  Please share any photos of your efforts.  
Have a great weekekend!