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Homework Information

Homework will be set on a Thursday and will be due back in on a Monday. If homework is not handed back in on a Monday, unfortunately, it will not be marked due to current COVID guidance. 


In addition to this, if the children do not hand their homework in on time, they will miss some of their break time. It is extremely important that we are building up the children's independence and preparing them for their next adventure at high school next September :) 

Homework: Thursday 17th September

Homework is due in on Monday 21st September 2020. 


The expected standard book

  • Maths - Addition - Page 8
  • SPaG - Nouns - Page 6
  • Reading - The Garage - Pages 6-7


The higher score book

  • Maths - Addition and Subtraction - Page 8 
  • SPaG - Nouns - Page 6
  • Reading - The Snow Spider - Pages 6-7

Homework: Thursday 10th September

Homework is due in on Monday 14th September 2020. 


The expected standard book

  • Place value of whole numbers - Page 6
  • Rounding - Page 8

The higher score book

  • Place value - Page 6
  • Additional rounding sheet