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Happy Monday! 


I hope you had a wonderful week end and are ready for the week ahead. 



1. Spelling Shed- A massive well done to those children who have been working really hard on their spellings. Please continue to do so. If you are having any issues please don't hesitate to email me. 

2. Write a list of 5 objects around the house. Convert these into plurals. Write a sentence for each plural. Remember the special sounds and rules!




1. TTRS- Spend 15 mins a day on TTRS. 

2. This week I have created a short Maths Quiz on Google Forms. This is a tester really. The children have been working hard at getting to grips with the chrome books and are brilliant at navigating Google Drive already. At the moment these log ins are for in school use only. As they get more confident we will allow the children to use them at home. I will be able to set homework digitally, as well as mark it and give feed back digitally. Please have a go at the Quiz, it is only 5 questions long and they are all tables they should know (don't forget the 7s song). 


Time and Place-

This week we have had a look at Roman Numerals. They were amazing at this and were able to convert their dates of birth in to Roman Numerals. 

1. Can you find any Roman Numerals around the house?

2. Can you convert your family member's dates of birth into Roman Numerals?



Roman Numerals