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Sound: p


Name : p   Sound: p (make sure not to say puh)


Action: Use your finger to point in the air, as if you are popping bubbles. Then swing your arm like a pirate whilst saying, p p pirate Pete!

Writing rhyme: Walk Pirate Pete down the plank, back up and around the deck


This afternoon we had a delivery! We opened up the box and peeled back the tissue paper to find...beegu!! The alien who had called us on the phone a few weeks ago! Beegu likes to talk to us, but she talks in alien words that we cant understand!

Today she said: ipt / ats / tipn

We segmented the sounds and blended them together but decided they were beegu language!


Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and a PIRATE entered! He needed our help to find his treasure chest! We found clues around the classroom, helped to read his map and then found the treasure chest in the sand p-i-t!!