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Summer 1


In History this half term, we will be learning about the inspirational Mae Jemison, an engineer, physician, astronaut and author.


Spring 2

In History this half term, we will be learning about David Attenborough, looking at his early life, exciting career and enormous contribution to society. 

Animal Eyes
We were so inspired by Sir David Attenborough and all of the amazing things he has seen, we designed and made a section of an animal’s face. This could be an animal that already exists or one that we have made up. Using clay, the children made their animal face to include one eye and a small area around it. They had to carefully consider the texture and detail to make their creature come to life. I think you will agree, they look amazing!

1.3.22 Organising facts about David Attenborough

Spring 1


In History this half term our focus is looking at the lives of Mary Anning. We will explore her early life, fascinating work and contribution to modern society.

11th January

We began learning about the famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning. We learnt that she lived near the sea, she was very poor, she found fossils but called them curiosities and contributed greatly to the understanding of evolution. We will be learning more as the topic goes on.

We used leaves to print our very own fossils.