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Good morning Badgers! 


You have made it to Thursday already! Well done. 


Your learning has been scheduled on the Google Classroom for 9:30, after you have finished Cosmic Yoga. 


I loved seeing some of you yesterday on a zoom call. We have another chance to virtually get together on Friday at 3pm. The details will be on the feed on the Google Classroom. I can't wait to see you for a story. 


Happy learning. 


Miss A smiley



Handwriting- Can you convert these words into a contraction with an apostrophe?


Take the two words and contract them into one, putting an apostrophe in to the correct place. Write the contracted word 3 times. 

  • Had not

  • We are 

  • We will

  • It is 

  • You are 

  • They are 

  • Will not

SPaG- read through 'adverbs 1' and complete the tasks on 'To use an adverb to express time and cause.'

Maths Video

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