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Teacher: Mrs Marie Bird

               Mrs Chantelle Clarke (maternity)


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sue Evans

                                  Mrs Rosie Bradbury

Welcome back! 

We have lots of exciting and irresistible learning this half term and can't wait to get started.  Please keep checking our webpage for information and photos on what we have been learning.

Some things to note:


  • P.E. will be with Ryan every Monday afternoon. Please come to school in your P.E. kit on Mondays so you can wear this all day ready for your session in the afternoon!
  • Homework will be sent out on Fridays and will be due back on the following Tuesday.  Pleas encourage your child to complete their homework at home.  Let me know if you have any difficulties.
  • You will always need to have a reading book from school to read at home. When you have finished reading your book, please bring it back to school and let us know so we can help you to choose a new one.
  • Make sure to log all of your reading (both independently and with someone at home) on Go Read!



Currently, our focus text is ...

The children will be using the text and images to develop their comprehension skills and will read other extracts to find similarities and differences in texts surrounding similar themes.


In writing, we will be studying autobiographies and focusing on the changing of tenses; the children will learn to write in the present and past progressive (continuous) tenses.  They will finish the unit by writing their own autobiography in the eyes of a superhero!


In Maths, we will be learning fractions - equivalent, simplifying, adding, subtracting, multiplying, proper fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers.  


The unit this half term is Animals, including humans.  The main focus is the circulatory system and water transportation.  The children will learn about the human blood heart and lungs and how these work together.

Spring Term Forest School

Transporting Nutrients


The children will study five monarchies through time.  These include:

  • William I (William the Conqueror)
  • Henry VIII
  • Elizabeth I
  • Charlies II
  • Queen Victoria


In Geography, we will be learning about earthquakes, mountains and volcanoes.  We will be studying tectonic plates and how these move to create earthquakes, mountains and volcanoes.


Art & Design

Our focus this half term is painting and collage.  Our influencing artist will be Pablo Picasso and we will base our art on his cubism work.


Design and Technology

This half term, we are focusing on Food and Nutrition.  the children will be learning about healthy foods and different skills in cooking.  They will all have the chance to taste the foods they make.

Religious Education

In RE, we will be learning about Hinduism.  We will be focusing on how Brahman and Atman influence the way a Hindu lives.


This half term we will be learning about 3D modelling.  They will develop their skills in 3D modelling using a specialised programme.


The children will continue to develop their singing and performing skills during Collective Worship.  Our focus will be based around A New Year Carol by Benjamin Britton and will give the children the chance to look at other songs composed by him.


PE will be with Ryan every Monday afternoon.  the children will focus on target skills, movement and games.



Our focus text for the next two weeks is: 



During our reading lessons for two weeks, we will be reading a number of extracts and 'All Aboard the Empire Windrush'. Within these lessons we will be focus on the following reading strategies: summarising, retrieval and inference. 


Within our literacy unit, the children will be learning how to write an autobiography. They will be learning the compositional and grammatical aspects of the text type; focusing specifically on chronology; adverbials, prepositions and conjunctions that show time, cause and place; relative clauses, past progressive tense as well as identifying facts and opinion. I can't wait to show you their final written versions of their own autobiographies!


The topic this half term for science is, 'Living things and their habitats'. So far, the children have learnt about the scientist, Carl Linnaeus. They all know that he created the Taxonomy System for classifying living things. The children have analysed this system and have learned about specific parts of it; in particular, Kingdom, Phylum and Class.

Classifying Vertebrate

Classifying Invertebrate

We will remember them...

Our focus text for the term:

War horse, written by: Michael Morpurgo


This week the children will be writing a pamphlet that persuades members of the public to requisition their horses to support war effort during World War One. To prepare for this writing task, the children have identified compositional and grammatical features of a persuasive text. 

A real artist...

Otter class were fortunate enough to receive a visit from Nicola Marray-Woods (a real life artist); she showed the children her amazing drawings and Otters were just in awe. As a class, we made a start on sketches that will contribute to our whole school history timeline - what an exciting project!