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Week Beginning 8th June

Friday 12th June

Hi everyone!  

Ask your parents to test you on the spellings set on Monday.  After this morning's Friday maths challenge and English work, spend the afternoon completing any unfinished work from the week.  (I have also added a link to the Year 5 Oak National Academy website if you are getting through our regular maths work quickly and would like to challenge yourself with some extra work).  After that, complete the online activities on the Ancient Egyptians by following the link below.  Don't forget to keep going with your '30 Days Wild' challenges.  Have a good weekend!

Thursday 11th June


For English today, listen to the next chapter of 'The Explorer.'  Write a diary account from the pint of view of one of the children to describe how they managed to make a meal.  In the afternoon, carry out some research on edible insects.  Would it be possible to survive on a diet of insects?  Are there any countries in the world where insects are regularly eaten?  You could present your research in the form of a Powerpoint presentation, a poster or, if you would prefer, as a menu.  Enjoy!

Wednesday 10th June

For English, watch the video clip and read the Powerpoint presentation and then write three sentences using hyphens and three using dashes.  In the afternoon, watch the video clip on the BBC Bitesize website.  Which of the jobs would you most like to have done?  Which would you least like to have done?  Choose one of the jobs and create an advert.  List the skills needed and some details about what the job will involve.  Be as creative as you can.  You can include pictures and can complete the activity on paper or on the computer.  I look forward to reading your work.  


Tuesday 9th June

Hi everyone
Watch the BBC Bitesize English video before going on to complete the sentences on the worksheet (you do not need to print off the sheet - just write the sentences in your book).  Follow the link below to find the tutorial for today's maths lesson.  In the afternoon, watch the video and complete the activities on Buddhism and then answer the following questions:
1) Who was Siddhattha Gotama?
2) Why did Siddhattha Gotama leave his palace?
3)  What does 'Buddha' mean?
4) What did Siddhattha Gotama dedicate his life to?
5)  How do Buddhists try to lead a good life?
Research 5 facts about Buddhism in the world today.  (How many people are Buddhists? Which countries in the world have the biggest number of Buddhists?)

Monday 8th June

Hi everyone!
I hope you had a good weekend.  What did you get up to?  I spent a lot of time entranced by our week-old chicks - I have attached a short video clip.  After the regular English and maths,  I have lined up a Springwatch quiz and an art activity which I hope you might enjoy.  Please do share some photographs of your completed drawings.  Have a good day!

Boris and the chicks!

One week old today!