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Kingswood 2022


We were all very excited to arrive at Kingswood. We spent two hours on the beach where we paddled, played games and had a picnic. We even had an ice cream 🍦 

Buggy Building

Girls versus boys in the buggy building competition. It is safe to say that the girls were the winners! 

Zip Wiring

Although they were nervous, the children loved going up the tower and zip wiring down! It was such an exhilarating activity!

Dinner and Campfire

We were all starving by the end of the day and enjoyed a dinner of burgers, chips and corn on the cob, with a doughnut for dessert. 
Jake and James entertained us around the campfire with songs and games (and a LOT of noise!). We then enjoyed a hot cup of hot chocolate to finish our day. 


We were so lucky to be able to watch the sun set over West Runton beach. 

Fire Lighting

We tested our fire lighting skills in our bushcraft activity. It was hard work but we all managed to keep warm. 


Our communication skills were tested during this this activity. We were blindfolded and had to overcome a number of obstacles together. 


We braved the tower and climbed our way to the top. It took a lot of determination but we did it!


We learnt how to ‘stab’ in fencing and had a competition against each other at the end!


We had to jump high on the trampolines and score a goal for our team in the opposite goals! We will be tired tonight after all this bouncing.