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Week Beginning 6th july

Monday 6th July

Hi everyone
I hope you had a good weekend.  Just two more weeks to go.  Keep it up - you are doing so well!  I really enjoyed your nonsense poems last week and thought you might enjoy having a go at writing some limericks today - I am looking forward to reading them later. In the afternoon, choose one of the ideas that  appeal to you from the art pack below.  Have a good day.

Tuesday 7th July

Hi everyone

I hope you enjoyed writing the limericks yesterday.  Today, you might find it a bit easier as your challenge is to write a free verse poem (a poem which does not need to rhyme).. You could try writing one about being in lock-down. I am looking forward to reading your poems.  In the afternoon, have a go at building your own bridge!  Have fun!   

Wednesday 8th July

Hi everyone
I hope you have seen the letter that Mrs Arnold sent yesterday. I am really looking forward to seeing you next week!  For English today, I thought we would carry on exploring poetry.  Your challenge is to write a riddle!  There is some science to investigate this afternoon.  

Thursday 9th July

For English this morning you can either make a list (make it as long as possible) of onomatopoia words or have a go at writing a poem featuring onomatopoeia.  Perhaps you could describe walking to or from our Forest School site?  Have a good day.

Friday 10th July

English and maths this morning and them some art work to round off the week.  For English, enjoy watching Michael Rosen 's top tips and watch him perform his Chocolate Cake poem and then have a go at performing it yourself - you could practise it and then entertain your family by performing it to them.   Have a good weekend!