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Nurse Visit

Today, Julia came to visit us. She is a nurse at a doctor’s surgery. She spoke to us about some of the things that she does when she is at work, whilst showing us the equipment she uses.


Julia has an otoscope and a stethoscope, just like Mary the audiologist – she uses the otoscope to check inside patient’s ears and the stethoscope to listen to heartbeats.

She also had syringes, but Julia used them for a different reason to Mary!

Can you remember what Julia uses the syringes for?


Julia showed us how her thermometer works. She explained that if our temperature was 37 or lower that it was perfect. We took it in turns having our temperatures checked, then ordered the numbers! We were all just right!


Next, Julia showed us how to use bandages. She had large bandages for legs, small ones for arms, steri-strips for cuts and even bandages for eyes!

We practised using these in our role play area during choosing later on.


Finally, Julia introduced us to Dylan the skeleton.

We worked together to label the skeleton with parts of the body that we knew.

After that, Julia talked us through the different parts of the body, from the skull to the toes. Later on in the afternoon, we applied our new knowledge and added so many more labels including; collar bone, skull, phalanges, thigh, rib cage and chest!


We had a super morning as you can see, learning all

about the role of a nurse and the human body.

We can’t wait to apply our new knowledge to our doctor’s role play area in class this week.

In the afternoon, Julia revisited HH class to talk about and show us the importance of washing our hands really well, she used a UV light to show us the germs on our hands.

After spoke about how important it is to wash away the germs, we practised washing our hands using the new NHS song, to keep us germ free! Head over to 'latest news' to see photos of this!

Thetford Library Visit

We had a fantastic time at the library this morning sharing books, finding out what you can do at the library and taking out our own books with our new library cards!


After having a silent tour of the library, the children asked so many great questions!

‘What are the computers for?’

‘Where are books about dinosaurs?’

‘Why do you have a lift?’

‘How many books can I take home?’


After answering all of our questions, the library manager then read us her favourite book – the dinosaur that pooped a planet! It was very funny!


We then had some time to read and share books, then to choose one to take home. 

We had such a great time, as you can see by our photos below!

 The library staff commented on how well behaved our Hedgehogs were too!

Well done Hedgehogs and thank you to Thetford Library!

Audiologist Visit

This term, our role play area is a doctors surgery. To broaden our experiences and enhance our role play, we are enjoying visits from different medical professionals. Today, an audiologist (Mary) visited us - this is someone who helps to check that you can hear properly.


She showed us the special tunic and name badge that she wears and explained that it helps patients to understand her role. After that, she showed us the different tools she uses to check patients ears. This was called an otoscope! It had a tiny torch attached to it and a magnifying glass on the end too. We really enjoyed looking into each others ears and checking that they were clear! We recorded our findings on a special notebook.


After that we tried on some of the things that Mary would wear when she's looking at a patients ear. We tried hair nets, face masks and gloves! The face masks made our faces very hot! Mary explained that it was important to tuck all of our hair into the nets so that it doesn't get in the way during examinations or operations.


Finally, Mary showed us how she takes an ear mould, using putty, to create a hearing aid for someone who is finding hearing a little tricky. We used the putty to make a bouncy ball - it was so soft and squishy at first, but after squeezing it for a long time it set and turned hard!


We cant wait to use some of our new knowledge in our role play area tomorrow! I wonder who we will meet next!

Planting Christmas Trees on Euston Estate

Today, we were lucky enough to plant our own Christmas trees!

The tractor and trailer took us to the farm, where we excitingly jumped out and planted our own Christmas trees!


We were surprised to know that the trees take 6 years to grow to a 'Christmas tree height', so we will be in year 6 when they are ready to be cut and decorated at Christmas time!


After we had planted our trees, we enjoyed warming up around the fire, then playing in the forest together! We discussed what was going to help the trees to grow and how we care for plants in school too.


When we got back to the classroom, we measured our tree cuttings using the cubes.

Some were really long and others were much shorter!

Thank you Mr Hawthorne and your team, we had a super time!


Firemen visit

We were just reading our book ‘emergency’ when we had a phone call telling us that there was an emergency!

We quickly put our ‘nee naw’ on and headed to the village hall.


As we walked out of the classroom we couldn't believe our eyes...

a real fire engine and 5 firemen!



They came to show us some of their equipment and help us learn our new phonics sound 'n' nee naw, nee naw!

We had a great time spraying water using the hose! We turned the wheel on the hose to change how the water was sprayed, it went so far!

After that, we explored inside the fire engine.

There were so many interesting things!

We saw where they keep their helmets, where they sit when they are on the way to an emergency, a heat detector camera and so much more!


We also saw some of the special equipment that they use in an emergency and the protective clothing that they wear.




Take a look at our trip to the farm

'Seed to sugar'...

Hedgehogs have a new mud kitchen!


Mrs Smith has a very clever friend who made us an amazing new mud kitchen. As you can see, we love it, and it is already covered in mud and well used!

We made Mrs Smith's friend a card to say thank you from all of the Hedgehogs!