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Firemen visit

We were just reading our book ‘emergency’ when we had a phone call telling us that there was an emergency!

We quickly put our ‘nee naw’ on and headed to the village hall.


As we walked out of the classroom we couldn't believe our eyes...

a real fire engine and 5 firemen!



They came to show us some of their equipment and help us learn our new phonics sound 'n' nee naw, nee naw!

Picture 1
Picture 2

We had a great time spraying water using the hose! We turned the wheel on the hose to change how the water was sprayed, it went so far!

After that, we explored inside the fire engine.

There were so many interesting things!

We saw where they keep their helmets, where they sit when they are on the way to an emergency, a heat detector camera and so much more!


We also saw some of the special equipment that they use in an emergency and the protective clothing that they wear.




Take a look at our trip to the farm

'Seed to sugar'...

Hedgehogs have a new mud kitchen!


Mrs Smith has a very clever friend who made us an amazing new mud kitchen. As you can see, we love it, and it is already covered in mud and well used!

We made Mrs Smith's friend a card to say thank you from all of the Hedgehogs!