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Hello Moles!

I have created a Youtube channel especially for you and I will be regularly uploading videos for you to watch whilst you are at home. I hope you enjoy them! 

Leave comments and we can all chat to each other there.

Miss P xx

Spacedog by Mini Grey

Hello Moles! This is our new story! It's quite long so you might need to watch it a couple of times. Unfortunately my kitty didn't listen to the story very w...

The Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd Stanton

It was only right that this story was read in a boat! I hope you enjoy, Moles! Miss P xx

"Owl Babies" by Martin Waddle, read by Mrs King.

"Owl Babies" by Martin Waddle, read by Mrs King.

Place Value Recap

Have a go at making numbers up to 100 using a place value chart! What can you find in your house to represent tens or ones? Miss P xx

The Last Wolf by Mini Grey

One of Miss Potter's favourite authors and a book set in the forest meant a special trip into the woods to share this story. Mini Grey even wrote us a messag...

Number Bonds to 10

Let's recap on our number bonds! Have a go at home. For an extra challenge - try practising your number bonds up to 20! Miss P xx

Colin the Crocodile reminds us of 'greater than' and 'less than'

We've got a special guest for this Maths activity - it's Colin! He's reminding us how to use the symbols for 'greater than' and 'less than'. Join in at home!...

Bruno and Titch by Sheena Dempsey

This time Mrs Radford is sharing one of her favourite stories! Enjoy Moles 😊

The Kiss that Missed by David Melling

Hello Moles! I hope you enjoy this bedtime story - it's one of Mrs Arnold's favourites. Get cosy in your pjs just like I have and enjoy! Miss P xx

Love from the Crayons by Oliver Jeffers

Hello Moles! Don't worry, I'm still buying you lots of books and here is a brand new one! This one is written by one of our favourite authors Oliver Jeffers....

Daisy Eat Your Peas by Kes Gray

Hello Moles! I hope you enjoy one of our favourite stories! Miss P xx

Counting in 2's

Hi Moles, I've uploaded a quick warm up activity for you to do. Send me an email if you do it! Miss P

Mini Maths Game - Addition

Hi Moles, I've made a mini maths game for you to try at home. Let me know how many addition problems you can solve in the comments below. Miss P xx

You Must Bring a Hat by Simon Phillip

Read by Miss Potter

Supertato by Sue Hendra

Read by Miss Potter and Mole Class