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Sound: c


'Draw around the caterpillars mouth'


We had a crunching caterpillar come to visit us in hedgehogs today!

 The caterpillar was very shy, but she helped us to read the story

‘The crunching munching caterpillar’.


We drew a ‘c’ on our left hands to make a crunching caterpillar mouth and practised crunching making the ‘c’ sound.


Then we fed the caterpillar – she only liked words starting with the sound c. Miss Sutton tried to give her a sausage but she didn’t like it because sausage starts with ‘s’. Instead, we fed the caterpillar cookies, cake, carrots and lots of other foods with ‘c’ as the initial sound.


After that, we played a game in groups feeding beegu and the caterpillar real and nonsense words with the sounds that we have already learnt.

We also practised our ‘c’ letter formation on leaves ready to feed to the caterpillar.