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Good morning kiddos!


Well done you have made it to Friday. I am so proud of your resilience and flexibility this week. You have made me, Mrs King and all the teachers at school so so so proud of you.

You should be proud of yourselves too. 


Here is today's learning- 


1. PE with Joe- below

2. English- please watch video  

3. Maths- slides and video are below

4. Outdoor activity- go into your garden and look for something natural that you find beautiful. I would like you to look at it really carefully. First, I would like you to create a mind map about it. Put the name of the object in the middle and all around it write words that describe it. Next, I would like you to sketch this object, be really carefully, take you time and pay attention to all the detail. 

5. Please choose one of the activities from the time table. 



Have a wonderful day!!

PE With Joe

Maths Video

Still image for this video