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Autumn 2020

Team work makes the dream work...


Squirrel Class put their team working and problem solving skills to the test with lots of outdoor challenges.

On a beautiful Autumnal morning our eager Squirrel's had to utilise their map reading skills to locate where they were and how to navigate to the next fields and woodlands.


Finding our own way...

Next was to identify the crops that had previously grown in the different fields. We used the evidence around us to identify: maize, stubble from wheat and potatoes! 

The potatoes we found were not planted their on purpose...ask any of Squirrel Class to tell yiu about a volunteer potato! 

What crops have previously grown here?

A brisk 1.93 mile walk!

Next stop in the woodlands to work with our partner to carry a large log to the 'Big Wood' ready to build a fire!

But before we could place our big logs on the fire we needed to collect lots of smaller sticks.

2 minutes to collect the sticks...go, go, go!!

Recapping on fire safety and extending our knowledge of effective fire building and the role of oxygen - if it works there will be time for toasted marshmallows!

Instructing Mr Hawthorne how to build the fire...

SUCCESS!!!! Look at our genius 15 prong marshmallow toasting fork :)

Team work, stamina, resilience, patience, communication, problem solving, perseverance...the list of skills our fabulous Squirrel Class displayed in our beautiful rural environment is endless.