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Hello Moles!

On this page I will put links to useful Maths websites and will also be posting maths challenges for you to solve! Remember to check it regularly.

Miss P xx

Minecraft Math Compilation | + 30 Minutes of Minecraft!

Henry S has been learning his timestables with the help of Minecraft!

Useful Websites

Below are a list of websites to support Maths learning at home. You can pick and choose activities on here. They can be done alongside the home learning I am setting or instead of. Please email me if you have any questions.

Colin the Crocodile reminds us of 'greater than' and 'less than'

We've got a special guest for this Maths activity - it's Colin! He's reminding us how to use the symbols for 'greater than' and 'less than'. Join in at home!...

Place Value Recap

Have a go at making numbers up to 100 using a place value chart! What can you find in your house to represent tens or ones? Miss P xx

Mini Maths Game - Addition

Hi Moles, I've made a mini maths game for you to try at home. Let me know how many addition problems you can solve in the comments below. Miss P xx

Number Bonds to 10

Let's recap on our number bonds! Have a go at home. For an extra challenge - try practising your number bonds up to 20! Miss P xx