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Don't Forget!!

We have a live lesson with Ollie Tunmer, who is going to lead a music session called THE BEAT GOES ON at 10.30-11am. Links to the live session will be sent 15 minutes before.

All you need before the session starts is:

  • a wooden spoon (reasonably sturdy)
  • a cushion or pillow (that is ok to be hit with the wooden spoon!)
  • a metal or sturdy plastic container (tuppaware box, pot or pan, that can be also hit)
  • a plastic bottle with the top on, filled with rice, pasta or something similar.



(Approx. 30 mins – 9 min teaching video, 25 min activity)


  • Join in with incy wincy.
  • Pause to join in with activities.
  • What do you think incy wincy spider looks like? Draw incy wincy spider! Can you explain what your spider looks like?
  • Guess who Miss Doherty is talking about from her 3 clues! Write it down or draw a picture.
  • Draw a picture of one of the characters and add your own labels like Miss Doherty.
  • Use your labels to write 3 full sentences. Join your sentences using the word ‘and’.


  • Paper, pencils
  • Device to watch video


Maths (Reception):

(Approx. 30 mins)



  • Quick! Can you be speedier than yesterday? How many dots are there altogether?
  • What do you notice?
  • What does zero mean? Nothing / 0 / all gone.
  • Create a picture to show zero and not zero – you could draw pictures or see if you can spot zero in the house or outside e.g. a plate full of chips / a plate with 0 chips or a tree with 10 leaves / a tree with 0 leaves.


  • Device to watch video.
  • 5 frame from yesterday.


Maths (Year one):

(Approx. 30 mins)

  • Watch this video: ‘Recognise and name 2D shapes’ (7mins)

Activity/ Resources:

  • Paper, pencils
  • Device to watch video
  • Separate sheet (Yr1 Thursday Maths warm up + worksheet)



(Approx.  20mins)

  • Watch Miss Sutton’s video: ‘ur’
  • Pause it at the relevant points for your child to answer any questions, practise letter formation or to fill in each part of the sheet.
  • The sheet is called ‘Phonics: ur’.
  • If you do not have access to a printer, please don’t worry – children can write it out on a piece of paper, the sheet isn’t necessary but may just be handy as a reference J