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Miss A's Challenges



Now would be a really good time to learn some life skills as well as doing some home learning. I have thought of a few things you could have a go at learning, with the help of your parents!


How many things can you check off the list? 

Can’t wait to hear how you get on 😊


1. Make a cup of tea or coffee. 

2. Learn to ride your bike 


3. Measure out ingredients using a scale. 

4. Help with a load of washing- sort the loads, put it in the machine, get the detergent ready and turn it on. 

5. Plant and care for a seed or plant. 

6. Hammer a nail into some wood. 

7. Wrap up a present. 

8. Tell time. 

9. Tie shoe laces. 

10. Hoover a room. 

11. Make a sandwich. 

12. Help take the bins out. 

13. Make your own bed. 

14. Lay the table ready for dinner. 

15. Do the washing up. 

16. Make breakfast- toast or cereal. 

17. Make a glass of squash. 

18. Help put the shopping away. 

19. Knit or sew something- a button, a rip, a hole. 

20. Help write the shopping list. 



I would love to see photos of you achieving all of these little goals! 

Good luck! 

Miss Anderson 🌈🦡😊