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Week 10- 15.6.2020

Happy Monday Kiddos!! 


This week I am in school all week and planning for a bubble. I have included all of the activities we are completing in school. This is why English is a little different this week and I have created activities for specific days. smiley


  • Reading comprehension
  • Read to an adult everyday
  • Choose a colour of crayon and write a letter to Duncan.



  • This week I would like you to complete the White Rose Maths Hub daily challenges.

  • There are some really lovely daily lessons on BBC Bitesize as well. Please check these out if you want something different or maybe a different take on something.


Use my PowerPoint slides to guide you. Don’t forget to write in FULL sentences, not one word answers. 

  • Monday- Using adjectives to add more detail into a sentence. 
  • Tuesday-
  • Wednesday-
  • Thursday-
  • Friday- Reading Comprehension



  • Spelling shed is available to all pupils. I have set assignments on there for the children to access. These are words from the year 3 spelling list from the curriculum. Please complete at least 3 games. I can see who has been on and played, well done to those children!

  • Complete the Vocabulary Ninja Challenge.


Additional Activities-

  • Monday- PE- Get active with Joe, enjoy a yoga session or get active with Mrs Shepperson and Miss Potter! 



Wake and Shake-

Miss Potter and Mrs Shepperson-

PE with Joe


Silent Disco! Get dancing with us!-



  • Wednesday- This week would have been countryside week! But don’t let that stop you. Get outside into the wild. What can you find? We are spending the afternoon in the forest at school. Can you get into the garden or go for a walk? Research a farm animal or a piece of farm machinery and create a fact file for me. Which one will you choose?


  • Thursday- Science 

Complete the Science Lesson about Animals Inc. Humans.