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Summer 2


In Art this half term, we are looking at balance, shape and texture in our unit called 3D.

 We will look at the Inuksuk sculptures created by the Inuit people in the Arctic regions of Northern Canada. These were made our of stones and symbolised successful places of hunting or suitable places to settle. 


We will then take inspiration from Kenojuak Ashevak and look at his artwork called 'The Enchanted Owl'.

Lesson 3

We made our own 3D versions of The Enchanted Owl By Kenojuak Ashevak.

Summer 1


Our Art focus this half term is textiles, exploring the works of Anne Kelly. 

We will practice techniques such as weaving, threading, stitching and embroidery, as well as experimenting with chalk, oil crayons and paint to create works of art.

Lesson 3: Using our learned techniques to create a textured self-portrait

Spring 2

In Art this half term our focus is printmaking.

We will sped time exploring different materials and artform, learn a variety of techniques, and apply these to the creation of our own pieces.


The unit is inspired by the artist Karen Lederer, and we will be exploring some of the techniques she used in many of her works.

Lesson 3: Using the techniques we have learnt to create a piece inspired by our focus artist Karen Lederer.

Lesson 2: Using reverse stencilling and relief block printing.

Lesson 1- exploring printing with different objects

Spring 1

In art this half term, we will be exploring different painting techniques. We will learn the different parts of the paintbrush, explore primary colours and painting using the dip, dip, dap method.


This unit is inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian, and we will be exploring some of the other artworks created by him.


In art today we began by preparing our surfaces. We then looked at the three parts of a paint brush, the bristles, ferrule and handle. After our surfaces were dry, we learnt about the three primary colours, red, blue and yellow. Using the dip, dip, dab method we applied the primary colours onto our surfaces, being careful not to mix them.

Autumn 2


This unit is inspired by the work of Albrecht Durer

9th December

In our art lesson this week, we brought together all of the skills we have been practising. 
First we prepared our surfaces using tea and a paint brush, then we selected different textured materials and stuck them onto our pages. 
Once dried, we then used a wide array of drawing materials to mark make and experiment with pressure and line. We looked at the texture of fur and scales and drew these on top of our surface.


The children are amazing artists!! I am soo proud of their work so far.