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Three Little Birds!

Three day old chicks!

Boris and the chicks!

One week old today!

'The Explorer' Chapter 5: Food (Almost)

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The Explorer: Chapter Four continued.

What is in your pencil case? (French lesson)

What is in your pencil case? French lesson.

Chapter 4: The River

'The Explorer' by Katherine Randell. Chapter 4: The River.

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What might you find in your French pencil case?

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'The Explorer' by Katherine Randell, Chapter 3 continued: Fred finds a den,

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'The Explorer' Chapter 3

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En Classe! Listen to the vocabulary and practise saying the words. Draw a poster and label the items shown in the video clip.

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What do you have for breakfast? French lesson: au cafe.

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First chapter of 'The Explorer' read by Mr Holman for Squirrel Class.

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Jabberwocky poem read for children starring Chimp.

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Ice Trap! Shackleton's rescue mission.

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'ice Trap!' The crew set up camp whilst Shackleton attempts to sail from Elephant Island to South Georgia to call for help.