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Aylmerton 2018 and 2019


The children have all enjoyed a fun-packed afternoon at Aylmerton where they climbed the riggin’, built dens and zipped over the shark-infested water. 


We loved our 3 mile Twilight Safari where we explored plants and animals. We used the bat detector to hunt for bats and we even got the chance for a scary story! 


We enjoyed our time, this morning, on the boat looking at the seals. We also looked at Turns on the beach. Can you spot the Turns - they are great at camouflaging! 


We had a lovely day on the beach today. We learnt about sand dunes, hunted for semi-precious stones, walked through the muddy marshes, collected cockles, dug for lug worms, walked in worm poo, ate sea asparagus, splashed in the water and even got the chance for a 10 minute sleep. We are all very tired but had a great time!


This evening, we were enchanted listening to the captivating storyteller, Skippy, bringing stories from 100 years ago to life. 


Eggs and hash browns for breakfast. Great start to our busy day. We even got a trip to the shop! 


This morning, we had fun in the woods. Our sight was taken away and we had to go on a walk through the trees; there were lots of obstacles making this very tricky! We also hunted for objects that were not supposed to be in the woods - we found 29 things!


Our final activities involved den building. We split into two teams to see who could build the best (and most water resistant) den. Which den do you think is the best? 


After an amazing 3 days, we are finally on our way home. Thank you, Aylmerton! :-)

And they're off!



Our fabulous Year 6 children have arrived safely, tucked in to their packed lunches and are now getting started on their first activity!

Everyone is in really good spirits :))




We have been busy on the low ropes, wobbly bridges, den building and crossing pirate ships...we are all absolutely soaked and having a whale of a time!!!



Phew!!! What a fun packed busy day!! This evening the children have walked into Felbrigg and walked around the lake, heard a ghost story in the church, finishing up at Felbrigg Hall!


There's just a bit of quiet whispering in the dorms now, with some children already asleep!


Everyone is having a great time and very much looking forward to day out on the marsh and a boat ride to see the seals!! 


Pictures to follow - very slow connection! 

9.36am 20/07/2018

Everyone had a good nights sleep and have had breakfast, heading out shortly for the boat trip to see the seals and marsh walk. 

The children have been constantly praised for their great manners too :) 

And we are on :)

Children all happy on boat seeing the seals at Blakeney Point

Wow, wow, wow!!! What an amazing day!!


We have had the most fun packed day, starting with a boat trip to see the seals, followed by a 5 mile beach walk finding semi precious stones along the way and ending with a squelchy muddy walk along the marsh!!


Straight back ready to tuck into our BBQ tea!! We have just spent the most hour with a totally inspiring storyteller!!


We could not be prouder of the children :))