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Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC)

Learning Outside the Classroom


Why we  value learning outside the classroom 

 The opportunity to develop our learning beyond the classroom walls is integral to our Barnham School values: 'Inspire, Cherish, Believe' and is of key importance to our aim of making learning irresistible at Barnham. 


Academic research

Academic research has shown that learning outside the classroom can significantly enhance learning and achievement.  There is strong evidence that  learning outside the classroom adds much value to classroom learning. by enriching and deepening understanding through experience. 


Benefits of learning outside the classroom

Evidence shows that learning outside the classroom has the power to:


  • Inspire creativity.
  • Inspire curiosity.
  • Increase motivation
  • Develop Independence in a widening range of environments.
  • Make learning more engaging and relevant..
  • Develop active citizens.
  • Increase interest and awareness of the environment.
  • Develop the ability to deal with uncertainty.
  • Provide challenge and the opportunity to take acceptable levels of risk.
  • Create memorable experiences and memories for children to cherish.


How, where and when do we encourage learning outside the classroom at Barnham?


Thanks to our close ties with the Euston Estate we are incredibly fortunate to be able to enhance our learning through enrichment visits from reception to Year 6.  For example, we have studied the features of our local river, planted trees, learned about habitats, discovered how and why carrots can be grown under polythene and have used our maths skills to calculate how much sugar beet can be harvested.  We have been given a tour of a site of huge importance to archaeologists by experts from the British Museum.  We have enjoyed countless Forest School adventures and enjoyed amazing whole school 'Countryside Weeks.'  We have also strengthen our beliefs - and improved our understanding of the beliefs of others - through regular visits to our local church and to visits to the mosque in Cambridge and synagogue in Norwich.  Furthermore, we make regular use of opportunities to learn outside by making use of our school fields, outdoor classroom and cabin.

Woodland Adventure

Hedgehogs enjoyed their first trip into Euston woodland where they had the opportunity to explore their surroundings.  The children looked at natural habitats, studied trees in the environment and had the chance to build their own dens.  So much learning took place and it was wonderful to see each child's confidence flourish.

Take a look at our Woodland Adventure video:

The Garlic Theatre Company performing ‘Oldilocks’

Science outside the classroom: Foxes making electrical circuits with lightbulbs and fans

Squirrel Class Geography: making the most of the sunshine to test sundials

Clearing grass to create a bed for wildflower seeds to be sown (Eco Council and lunchtime volunteers from across the school)

Otter Class sowing wildflower seeds on the cabin field

Fox Class enjoying the ‘Go Explore’ team-building challenges

Fox Class Science Week Project: can we protect an egg from cracking when it is dropped from increasing heights?

DT outside the classroom : making geodesic structures

Badgers making building bridges as part of their DT work on structures