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Hello Otters, 


I hope you are all doing well in these challenging circumstances; I do miss teaching you all very much!


I just want to make you aware that I have set lots of work on the website (sometimes probably too much). I really don't want you to worry about completing all of it; just complete what you can. I always put extra on here just in case.


I completely understand that your parents may be busy working from home and they may struggle to help you with some of the concepts. Please do not worry and just do what you can - I have no expectations with how much you complete. I have tried to put the answers to the questions on the website too - hopefully this will help you.



Here are a few websites that you might find useful over the next few weeks:




Otter's home learning

Have a look below to see some of the children's fantastic home learning! If anyone else wants to see their home learning on the website, please email me: It doesn't have to just be work I set; I want to see some of the other fantastic things you are doing! 

Rayeh's Home Learning

Lily's Persuasive Writing

Kathryn's Persuasive Writing


First Impressions are key, but with this house I would not judge a book by its cover, this rustic country home is just off the coast. You might hear the occasional noise of a seagull but you probably won’t notice it as you will be far too busy with walking across the soft grained sand in bare feet; you will be outside most of the time soaking up the blistering rays of sun, all your friends will be so jealous of you perfect tan they might even think its fake! It's not just the lovely sea front and cute friendly sea creatures, there are so many people around here to socialize with, so if you have a little one around it will not be too hard to help them make friends! The house itself is not the prettiest at first glance but once you step inside it like you're in a whole new world, the house is furnished in an aesthetic beach like style, completed with everything you need to survive. The water runs smoothly, no need to call a plumber for a while! To the left you will find a glassed conservatory, so if it's far too hot outside you can just grab a deck chair a nice warm cup of tea and get your fair share of vitamin D without even going outside.

If you head into the main building and up the stairs to the second story and look out the north east window and gaze out you might be there for a while, as the view is so mesmerizing!


Lily's Prediction

Aubrey's Home Learning

Violet's home learning

Jake's home learning

Jake's Video

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Jake's Video

Still image for this video

Anastasia's home learning

Sam's home learning

Orlando's home learning

Grace's home learning

Zara's home learning

Lily's home learning

Fred's home learning

Sophie's home learning

Sullivan's home learning

Aubrey's home learning