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Blue writing (except links) is Year 1 work/extension



(Approx.30 mins – 11 mins teaching video, 20 mins activity)


  • Join in with ‘If you are happy and you know it’.
  • Pause the video after story finishes. The screen should read ‘What animal did the gingerbread man come to first?’ Use your phonics to read the 3 words – which one is it?
  • Tell you talk teddy your favourite part of the story – remember to use a full sentence when speaking!
  • Challenges: Count how many cats/dogs/foxes you see on your walk.

                   Can you run as fast as the gingerbread man?

                   Can you make your own gingerbread man – paper/blocks/food!

  • Plan how you are going to make your own gingerbread man using the planning sheet. Are you going to draw it? Are you going to build him from lego? Or maybe you are going to bake a gingerbread man! First plan it!
  • Use the back of the planning sheet to review your creation – what went well, what was tricky and how will you make it better next time.
  • Gingerbread man recipe:


  • Device to watch video
  • Talk teddy
  • Planning sheet (not necessary but may be handy as reference)
  • Possibly gingerbread ingredients – although not at all essential!


Maths (Reception)

(Approx. 30 mins)

  • Watch this video: ‘Session 5’ (Light and dark – week 2) (5mins)

Pause video at different points and complete challenges.


  • Pause and answer the questions as the video plays.
  • Talk about what you notice.
  • Answer the more/less questions.
  • Use your own resources to answer one more and one less question’s from your grown ups! Do this with cubes (or whatever you can find that is similar) for numbers up to 5.
  • For a challenge, complete it up to 10!


  • Cup or bag or bucket
  • Cubes or lego pieces or pasta – whatever works best for you.
  • Device to watch the video.



Maths (Year One)

(Approx. 30 mins)

  • Watch this video: ‘Fact families – the 8 facts’ (10mins)

Activity/ Resources:

  • Paper, pencils
  • Device to watch video
  • Separate sheet (Yr1 Monday Maths warm up + worksheet)



(Approx.  20mins)

  • Watch Miss Sutton’s video: ‘qu’
  • Pause it at the relevant points for your child to answer any questions, practise letter formation or to fill in each part of the sheet.
  • The sheet is called ‘Phonics: qu’.
  • If you do not have access to a printer, please don’t worry – children can write it out on a piece of paper, the sheet isn’t necessary but may just be handy as a reference J