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The Pebble in my Pocket: A History of Our Earth. By Meredith Hooper and Chris Coady

In Badger Class we are currently reading 'The Pebble in my Pocket: A History of Our Earth'. It is the story of a pebble that is found by a young girl and how it came to be in her hand at that very moment. We have journeyed back to over 400 million years ago and see how micro-organisms developed and evolved in the animals, including dinosaurs. We have seen how and why the dinosaurs are extinct, as well as the formation of rocks and how pebbles come to be smooth. 


We are practising our retrieval skills and using key vocabulary in the question to support our scanning of the text. We have learning about synonyms (two words that have the same meaning) and antonyms (two words that have opposite meanings) and found them within texts. 


We are always developing and building upon our wealth of vocabulary knowledge and learning new words all the time that we are able to use in context. 

This weeks key vocabulary:


  • exit 
  • extinct 
  • exhale 
  • adapt 
  • adjust 
  • homophone 
  • synonym
  • antonym
  • fossils 
  • ancestors 
  • humans
  • connect 
  • theme 
  • unique