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Year 6 Leavers 2022

As our Year 6 children's journey through Barnham Primary School reached its final destination, we reflected on our primary school adventures, shared our achievements, celebrated our successes and shared words of advice for the future!


Our final afternoon was spent together celebrating our journey with pupils, parents, staff and governors, of course this had to be followed by a BBQ, to fill us up before our final Barnham Twilight Adventure. 



Celebration Assembly and BBQ with friends

One last stop to our Railway Line Forest Schools site

Our final destination on our Barnham Primary School journey led us to the home of the amazing Will Lord.

Our closing hours were spent together in the evening, mesmerised by watching Will flintknapping a hand axe, hearing stories from the stone age, watching molten bronze being created and as we gathered around the glow of the fire in Will's earth lodge our final hour was simply magical as Will's story concluded.

Will Lord Pre-Historic Caveman to end our journey