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At Barnham CEVC Primary School, we believe that spelling has a direct effect in all areas of the curriculum and is crucial to developing a child’s confidence, motivation and self-esteem.


Priority of spelling, at Barnham, has been significantly raised and we aim to secure a love of the English language where children are curious about words.



At Barnham, we provide children with a range of spelling strategies throughout the school which cater for different learning styles.


Spellings remains a focus at Barnham and children are taught spellings according to the rules and words contained in Appendix 1 of the English National Curriculum.


Early spelling is taught through phonics work in Reception and Key Stage 1 using Little Wandle: Letter and Sounds.  As children move into Year 2 and Key Stage 2, the emphasis shifts from the teaching of phonics to the teaching of spellings using The Spelling Book by Jane Considine.  However, phonic support and intervention is still provided for children in KS2 should they need it.


The Spelling Book is a structured and rigorous system which teaches spellings using a variety of strategies and activities with strong phonics foundations.  Lessons are taught on a two weekly cycle:

  • Week 1 = 1 x 30 minutes Investigation and 1 x 20 minutes Go Grafters Go
  • Week 2 = 5 x 10 minutes activities

15 spellings are focused on per week and will be displayed in the classroom and used wherever possible in lessons.  Children will use Spelling Books and Spelling Journals to support them in learning spellings. 


Children will have Focus Five spellings, which are unique to each individual.  The child will focus on their Focus Five spellings and these will be amended as the child spells these correctly.


Children are encouraged to identify incorrect spellings in their own writing and correct them with the use of aids, such as dictionaries and spelling word mats.


Children are assessed termly to evaluate progress and to inform planning.