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Movie and Snuggle

Movie and Cuddle!


Prepare for movie night/day:

Challenges (you could choose one each week):

  1. Make a snack together, counting out different parts and checking that there is enough for everyone.
  2. Write down people's snack requests e.g. Mummy - blackcurrant and crisps etc.
  3. Take a family vote to decide which film to watch.
  4. Make and issue tickets for the movie for each family member - you could write the movie name and draw a picture on one side and write their ticket number and name on the other side.
  5. Create a cinema room - decorate the room with posters of the movie you have chosen.
  6. Set up a shop - Create prices for snacks and ask people to pay for them when they 'arrive' at the cinema!
  7. Number the seats and tell people which number seat they should go to!