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Fox Class 2017/18

Wow! What a lucky teacher I am. Thank you to all my fox cubs and their families. I have been overwhelmed by your generosity and kind words! I have loved teaching Fox class this year. What a great 7 months we have had. Have a wonderful summer. Looking forward to seeing you all in September. 

Miss Clarke 


Welcome to Fox Class. 

We have had a lovely few days hearing all about each others experiences over the holidays as well as starting to establish a routine. 

The children have loved the timetable challenges as well as being joined by a specialist music teacher on Friday too- who will be joining us each week to teach Violin. 

PE is on a Monday and Wednesday so please don't forget to bring in PE kits (black/navy shorts/trousers and a white t-shirt) as well as ensuring that earrings are removed. 

Homework will be set on a Thursday to be returned on the following Tuesday. 


Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

Mrs Dowds



We had a wonderful visit to Lackford Lakes

Foxes Visit A Watermill - We learnt about the history of Euston's watermill and how it was a source of energy. We were also lucky enough to see some calves that were only 2 weeks old.

Orienteering and Team Building

Pebbles in our Pockets - We designed and painted pebbles thinking about what it may have encountered.

Our Visit to Chelmsford Water Recycling Centre

WB 18th September- Digestive system

In science we have been looking at the digestive system, to identify the different parts and functions involved. We had to draw around someone and label each part. This was a bit disgusting but we all had fun.

WB- 9th October- Greener Growth

We have been joined by Muddy Jo in order to help improve our outside area. Firstly, we had to conduct a survey of what animals and insects we could find already. We used magnifying glasses and pots to help identify what there was. Some things that we found were caterpillars and lots of shield bugs.

Next, we could start to think about what sort of insect houses we could create before comparing how many more insects there would be next year when we conduct another survey.

We collected sticks and leaves in order to create a bug hotel as well as discussing how we could improve our own gardens at home. We helped decide where to put different bat boxes too as well as filling up the raised bed planters.

Come dine with me

On Thursday the 19th October, foxes had a very special day for ‘Come Dine with Me’.  Where we made a three course meal for the parents to come in and try in the afternoon.

For starter we had dough balls with garlic butter.

For main we had- diet coke chicken with rice.

And for dessert we had fruit skewers with a chocolate fountain.


In the morning, we had to prepare all of the dishes:

Firstly we had to peel, chop, and cut the vegetables for the diet coke chicken and fry the chicken off to ensure that it was cooked all the way through before putting all of the ingredients together in the slow cooker.

Then, we had to measure and knead the dough, before it went into the bread maker. We had to really keep an eye on the timings to ensure that they had enough time to cook. Once the dough was ready we could roll it up into little balls, to cook in the oven for about 15 minutes.


In the afternoon, we then needed to cut and prepare the fruit in order to create different fruit kebabs as well as melt all of the chocolate for the chocolate fountain. By this time we couldn’t wait to try our creations.

We arranged and decorated our classrooms ready for the parents to come in and try. We were able to serve the grown-ups ourselves, before getting a score out of 10 on how much they enjoyed it.

We have added up the scores and the dough balls were the favourite overall.


We loved having the parents in to come and share our work and it was a lovely to hear their feedback that the food was delicious too. We were able to use our skills over half term too in order to create our own dishes, which were a great success.

WB 30th October

In computing, we have been learning how to make an educational game where Ben (an ICT expert) has come in to help us learn the different techniques such as how to log on and create a new folder on the network as well as how to use a program called scratch to make a game. We have had to solve and create different algorithms to move different characters across the screen, before creating goals to score in.



Foxes are having a great time learning to play the violins, learning new concepts and vocabulary to help extend their understanding of music. They have loved plucking different tunes and cannot wait to start to use the bow too.