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Recognising Numbers

We are practising identifying numbers 1-100. We have been playing lots of number games in class. It would be super helpful to continue practising this at home too. Below are some links to online games. You could also spot lots of numbers in your house or when you are out and about!


We have been looking at the difference between grumpy TEEN numbers (13-19) and cup of TEA numbers (20, 20, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90)!

Comparing and Ordering Numbers

We met Colin the crocodile and we learnt that he is a very hungry crocodile (luckily he doesn't eat children)! We know that when we are comparing two numbers, he always likes to eat the biggest number. For example:

36 < 57

Below are some websites that you can continue practising this at home:

Simple Addition

This week, we have begun looking at addition. We used our karate maths to help us read the number sentences.

Some of us have been been using natural resources to help with our addition!



We have been looking at subtraction this week. We know that when you subtract, you are taking one number away from another. This means that the answer will be smaller! We have been using lots of concrete objects to help us subtract in class.