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Week 5 (04.05.20)

Week 5

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter eggs delivered by someone from school this week!

It was great to see so many of your smiley faces! Keep smiling! :)


I have added a resources section (above) to give you an extra hand at home.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can put in there to help! 


I can’t wait to see you weather presenter videos!


Reading – Children read to an adult daily + aim to do one of the below, per day.

  • Read a variety of books at home. Favourites can be repeated. Hearing the patterns of language in a story will support your child’s language development.
  • Head to oxford owl to find e-books at your child's reading level following the link below. Select a book from the letters and sounds phase – phase 2 or phase 3. Year one: Phase 3 or Phase 5

Discuss the following questions (year one to write answers):

  1. When we go on the trailer to the farm, what do we hear and see?
  2. Look at the fire, listen to it! How does it make you feel?
  3. How do you think stick man felt when the girl threw him into the river? Why do you think he was feeling that way?
  4. Can you describe stick man’s home to me? What does it look like? What does it feel and smell like?


Tricky words this week: your / they / my



Writing - Aim to do one per day (These videos are great – nice and short but super to watch and inspire!)

Pause the video at each word. Sound it out and read the word. On the third word, what two letters should be underlined? (ow) After watching, write your own words and put them into a magic tin. When you take a word out, sound it out and read it – do you or your family turn into the word?

  • Thursday/Friday: Write a letter to someone who is helping you. For example, the postman, the people at Tesco’s, your mummy or Daddy, your teddies. Tell them why they are being so helpful and why you like them being there for you!


Phonics – Aim to do one per day

  • Daily phonics – (Focus on one sound each day) Play sound tennis – adults says a sound and pretend to hit it to child with imaginary tennis racket, child ‘hits’ sound back (saying sound and pretending to hit it).
  • Play ‘Grab a giggling grapheme’ on Reception: Phase 2 / Year 1: Phase 2 and 3
  • Try some of the other games too, let me know which your favourites are!
  • Read and sort the words into real and beegu (nonsense) piles – there are words for each sound already made here:


Reception sounds this week: u / b / f / l          


Year 1 sounds this week: ue / a-e / e-e


Use Hedgehogs class page to remind the children of how we learnt the sound and the rhyme and action to go with it:



Maths – Aim to do one per day

  1. Have pen and paper ready for your child to record their answers.
  2. Year one: Have a number line ready. Reception: Have a tens frame ready and counters/pieces of dough/pasta ready to place on the tens frame. There is a tens frame and counters in the ‘useful links/maths tab’  If you do not have a printer this can easily be made at home.The children are familiar with tens frames – Instructions on how we use tens frames in school are here:
  3. Click the pink ‘choose’ button on the top left.
  4. Year one: Click level 1, On the purple tab, click ‘Ordering’, On the green tab, click ‘Smallest first: Numbers up to 20’.
  5. Reception: Click level 1, On the purple tab, click ‘Addition’, on the green tab, click ‘Bonds to make 10.
  6. Click 'manual'.
  7. Once the children have recorded all of their answers (Reception children could tell you the answer and you could record it if they are finding recording it tricky), get them to check their answers at the end and put a tick or cross next to each answer.
  8. It would be great to repeat this daily.



Weekly Learning Project and extra ideas to enhance children's play and learning

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn about the environment and the changing weather.


Weather chart

  • Create a daily weather record – you could record the weather using pictures or words.
  • If it is raining, leave a container outside to collect the rain. Draw a line or make a mark to show where the rain came up to. Repeat overnight or the next day and compare your findings!



  • Show your child all of the rubbish that your get through!
  • Talk about recycling and its importance!
  • Get out a range of your recycling (packaging and containers etc)
  • Can they identify plastic, metal, paper, cardboard and sort the packaging into these piles?
  • Talk about why certain packaging is used? Plastic bottle for orange juice instead of paper because…

Year one:

Watch this clip and make a poster about the importance of recycling! Send them to me so that I can share the important message on the school website!


Weather sounds:

  • Make a rainmaker! Use the recycling to make a rainmaker instrument.
  • An empty bottle or box that can be filled with some rice/lentils/pasta/piece of rubbish and sealed will work perfectly!
  • Decorate the rainmaker.


Be a weather presenter

  • Watch the weather forecast together.
  • Dress up as a weather reporter and record yourself telling everyone what the weather is going to be like tomorrow!
  • You could create symbols or pictures to hold up in your video.
  • If it is going to be hot, don’t forget to tell everyone what they need to do to protect themselves from the sun!
  • I can’t wait to see your weather presenter videos! Pop them on Tapestry or email them over!