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Week 12 (29.06.20)



Hi Hedgehogs,


It has been great to see that so many of you are still persevering! You are all doing a super job at home! Keep going, not long until the summer holidays now! :)

I am still in school full time and would love to hear from you, so as always if you would like to have a chat, either drop me an email or give school a call and I will get back to you as soon as I can J

01842 890253


Reading: – If possible, children should read to an adult daily in addition to the below:


  • With an adult, read a story to someone you miss on facetime or zoom, use the pictures to help you to tell the story.
  • Talk about what happens in the story.
  • What is your favourite part? Why? Ask what their favourite part is and why too!
  • Extension: Can you complete a book review? The template is here:



  • Talk about how we keep our bodies healthy.
  • Perform it to your family, remember to smile!
  • Extension: Write about how we keep our bodies strong.


  • Find a book at home or online about people.
  • Talk about how everyone is different and special in different ways.
  • Talk about expressions and feelings. Why characters may be feeling a certain way and what they could do to make themselves feel happier.



Tricky words this week: one / come / some




  • Thank you for all of my letters again, you really are becoming super writers!
  • This week, I wonder if you could help to write the shopping list?
  • Remember to first say the word, pinch the sounds in it, then write it, using the sound mat to help you segment the sounds in the words. For example: cheese (ch-ee-s) / milk (m-i-l-k).


  • Can you hear any minpins?
  • PAUSE (at 1.09) What do you think the door leads to? What is behind it? Who is there?
  • Draw a picture and write about what you think is going to be behind the door!
  • Extension: Label your drawing using adjectives.


  • Continue watching Episode 29.
  • Help Greg to free the minpins!
  • PAUSE – What does the code on the star say?
  • Draw Grumpa! Don’t forget the secret symbol and letters!
  • Extension: Write a description for Grumpa to go with your drawing!


  • PAUSE – Why do you think the minpins feel sad? Chat about it then write down your ideas!
  • Ask the Bog Babies to help the minpins! If you cant hear them, maybe you could write them a letter.
  • Count to 10 with Greg. Blend the words to reveal the password (p-i-nk / ch-o-c / ch-i-p).
  • Make your own minpin suitcase with 20 mini things! Don’t forget to add your secret messages and symbols!
  • Extension: Write a letter to the bog babies thanking them for their help!


  • Talk about what you would like to do at the weekend.
  • Write a list of all of the things that you would like to do at the weekend. Ask your family what they would like to do too. Write their ideas down.
  • Have a vote on what to do.
  • Talk about why voting is fair and how we use it in our world.




  • Make a list of all of the words that you find!
  • Extension: Write 5 sentences using ow words.



  • Extension: Put ear words into written sentence. Join your sentences with conjunctions e.g. and, because, so, but.


  • Phase 3 digraphs.
  • Sound out and blend the word to choose the correct picture.



Reception/Year 1 sounds this week: ow / oi / ear         



  1. Use concrete objects to help find the answers e.g. cubes, lego, pasta pieces, real coins.
  2. Year ones should be recording their answers independently. Reception could have their answers recorded for them, or perhaps take it in turns to record the answer.
  3. Have a number line to hand to support with forming numbers correctly.


  • Play number balance:
  • See if you can make the scales equal.
  • Try to describe the scales using these words: heavier, lighter, equal.
  • Extension: Write 3 sentences using the words heavier, lighter, equal to explain what is happening on your scales.


  • Choose a recipe to create, read the ingredients. Talk about which ingredient you need the most of/least of.
  • Order the ingredients by their weight or capacity before beginning your recipe.
  • Extension Year one: Look at the different indices on the scales and work out their spacing. Then click the arrow in the circle to generate a weight. What weight is it?


  • Experiment! Try placing different items from around the house onto the scales!
  • First, make a prediction, which do you think will be the heaviest/lightest? Why?
  • Extension: Make a list of the items that you weighed and record their weights.


  • Create a magic potion! Experiment with different liquids – adding half full cups of water or heavy boxes of mud, sprinkles of glitter, for example.
  • Model the language (full/half full/empty/heaviest/lightest) and encourage your child to use this language whilst playing!
  • Extension: Write down your potion recipe for a friend!




Weekly Learning Project and extra ideas to enhance children's play and learning

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about life in and around the sea.

Learning could focus on the wonderful creatures and plants that occupy our oceans, their habitats and how human beings affect this environment.


Watch or read ‘The snail and the Whale’:


Under the sea!

  • Watch some of the video of the coral reef: Its very mesmerising! I found myself watching it for far too long!
  • Make your own coral reef using recycling or colour your own version – remember all of the beautiful colours you’ve seen!


Underwater counting:

  • Play under water counting: (Upto 10)


Make your own fishing game!

  • Make a fishing rod using a stick or similar (a wooden spoon would work well!).
  • Tie some string on to one end and tie a magnet onto the end of the string (you could use a fridge magnet).
  • Using the rod, your child could explore which items are attracted to the magnet around the house.
  • Or, make fish and attach a paper clip to them!


Explore Floating and Sinking

  • Fill up a bowl, sink or basin and provide your child with a range of objects to explore.
  • Which ones float and which sink?
  • Ask them why they think they float/ sink?
  • Extension: Keep a record of the objects that float and sink? This could be using pictures or written.


Origami fish:


Read and colour:


Underwater counting!

  • Early years: ‘EY counting’ sheet
  • Year one: Crack the codes! ….once you have cracked them, let me know what the secret code is!


Pollution in the ocean

  • Watch the powerpoint about pollution in our oceans:
  • Talk about the dangers for the animals and what we could do to help.
  • Make a poster to explain why it is important to put litter in bins.