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Remote Learning for the Week Beginning 25th January

Monday 25th January

Hi everyone!

Well done for getting on so well and for working so hard again at home.  Well done too for helping us achieve our highest weekly TTRockstars total and for coming so close to beating Otter Class in last week's battle/  Thus week there is a KS2 TTRockstars World Cup..  Can we take our revenge?

It would be great to see you online this morning for a quick catch up  Click on the 'meet link' on the Google Classroom for a meet-up  at 9.30am to see your friends from our class and to share something you enjoyed doing at the weekend.  The link is on the picture of the fox above the stream section.  You can also click on 'meet' on the classwork section.

Thank you to Rhonda for sharing he outdoor learning activities below.  These are optional extras - but please do share any activities you enjoy doing,

This afternoon, watch the three video clips and take some notes in preparation to write a newspaper report tomorrow.  Include when, where and how the Viking raid to place.  You could also think of a headline for your report. 

Collective Worship Christian Unity 25th Jan 2021

Outdoor Learning Activities

Viking Raid on Lindisfarne (AD793)

The attack on Lindisfarne in 793 came from a viking settlement in the North, possibly originating in Norway. It was not the first time that raiders had attac...

Corvus Corax - Sverker [Viking raid at Lindisfarne - 793]

In 793, a Viking raid on Lindisfarne caused much consternation throughout the Christian west and is now often taken as the beginning of the Viking Age. The D...

Tuesday 26th January

Hi everyone,

Don't forget there will be a Google meet at 9.25 this morning (and every morning).  Click on the 'meet' link on the picture of the fox on the homepage of our Google Classroom page.

After maths and English this morning, watch the clip about features of a newspaper report.  If you have a newspaper at home, you could look at the front page to see how it is set out and see if you can spot the features mentioned in the video.  Afterwards, use your notes from the video clips about the Viking raids that were attached yesterday (you may like to watch them again) and have a go at writing your own report.  You could print off and use the attached template or, better still, have a go at typing your report onto a Google doc.  I am looking forward to reading your work. Have a good day!

How To Make an Easy Origami Butterfly (in 3 MINUTES!)

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Wednesday 26th January

Hi everyone
It was good to see lots of you in yesterday's Google meet.  We will have another meeting at 9.15..
Today we continue our work on calculating the area and we will keep working on our swamp stories.
I think you will enjoy the music lesson this afternoon.  The music teacher seems good fun (and I like the fact that he plays the ukulele on some of his other videos!)
For the science activity you can choose to make a video or you could write a script if you prefer (or both!)
Have a good day.

Thursday 28th January

Hi everyone,
it was brilliant to see so many of you on the Google meet yesterday.  We will have another meeting today (and everyday) at 9.15.  I look forward to seeing you.
Thank you to everyone who has sent me some work on Google docs.  If you haven't had a go yet, please have a try before the weekend.  I have added a video clip below to help you.   Today's 'sick sentences' work below is on a Google doc too.  I have made a copy for each of you which will hopefully help you to 'turn in' (hand in) to me.
In the afternoon I have set some French work.  I have made a video clip to help.
Have a good day!

How to submit assignment in Google Classroom tutorial

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La Famile

French lesson on the family.

Friday 29th January


Hi everyone

Click on the link below for sharing assembly today.

There are no maths sheets to complete today,  Instead, investigate the area of different rectangular items around the home.   For example, you could measure the length and width of a CD, a place-mat, or the table and multiply each length and width together to find the area.  See if you can calculate and record the areas of at least five different things.  Record your answers in square cm (or metres).

In the afternoon, try some of Rhonda's outdoor learning activities.  Alternatively (or as well) try the dance class with Oti.  (Holly, Sarah and i had great fun learning her dance last week!)

Have a lovely weekend.

Oti and Marius Part 1 JIVE CHALLENGE WEEK