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Week 1 (wb.11th Jan)

A message from Miss Sutton before you begin...

Dear Hedgehogs and Parents,

How exciting, your first full week of home learning!

Remember, take it at your own pace. If they are finding it tricky to concentrate or engage, try revisiting it later in the day or instead, follow their interests and weave learning in that way.

Alternatively, pick some of the ‘alternative activities’ below, that are more hands on J

There really is no pressure at all.

Making sure that your children are happy, and feel safe and loved, is the most important job that you can do at the moment and if that means missing a few sessions of learning it really is ok J


I have broken the learning into days (Mon-Fri) and the maths into year groups (EY/Yr1) – please let me know if anything is unclear or whether you need any further support.

I am here for anything at all!

Blue writing= Year one/Extra ideas


Don't forget to check the 'stories' folder (link below).

 I will add lots of stories in here for you to enjoy :)