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PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon.  Please make sure your child comes to school in their PE kits on a Tuesday.


Water bottles

Please ensure your child comes to school with a filled water bottle; we are able to refill these during the day.  Please encourage your child to bring water only.



Tuck will be available for children everyday for 50p. A variety of snacks will be available - from fruit and yoghurt to sausage and bacon rolls. Please encourage children to bring their money in a sealed envelope, these are available at the front office. 



Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due back in on Tuesday; this is to give us time for it to be marked and then new homework issued. If your child is finding a piece of homework difficult, please tell them to come to myself or Mrs Evans on the Monday and we can support them. 

SATs Information Evening

Our Curriculum

Sugar Beet Trip

This week the children have been extremely lucky because Matthew Hawthorne asked them to carry out a mini investigation that will support him with his farming. Matthew wanted to know the estimated yield of sugar beet, so that he could pass this information on to British Sugar. He took us to four different fields where the children had to measure the weight of six sugar beet (in kilograms); they had to complete this task for three different samples. 


Once this information was gathered, we had to go back to the classroom and then work out the mean average weight of sugar beet in the four different fields. Then finally, to calculate the yield for each field, the children had to multiply the weight by 86000 (because this is roughly how many sugar beet have grown out of the 110000 planted). 

Thurston Community College Sport's Festival 

Year 6 we given the amazing opportunity to attend Thurston Community College Sport's Festival. This event is coordinated by Thurston Sport's Partnership and is run by the students that attend TCC. It was an awesome day full of team building and getting to know other Year 6 pupils from different schools. 

Thurston Community College Cross Country

We were offered a wonderful opportunity to take part in a cross country event at Thurston Community College. Every Year 6 took part in this event and I can honestly say that they showed great determination, resilience and stamina; I am so proud of them. Shout out to Charlie for coming 10th overall - well done!