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Sound: a


Today Farmer Mc Adam visited us!

A fly landed on his nose and he just couldn't stop sneezing 'a a achoo'! 

We sung Old Mc 'Adam' had a farm, and lots of things beginning with 'a' came out of his bag, including a picture of Aaron! 


After that, Famer Adam started to sneeze again, we quickly got him a paper towel for his big sneeze! Then the fly landed on our noses too and we all said 'a a a achoo'!


After sneezing into our paper towels, we practised forming the letter a.

'Follow the fly all the way around, up, down and flick it away'


       Afterwards, we played what's on the abracadabra tray with Mrs Smith, then practised forming the letter 'a' with chalk and on the whiteboard.