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(Approx. 30 mins – 12 min teaching video, 20 mins activity)

  • Watch Miss Sutton’s video.
  • How could we trap the gingerbread man?
  1. Chat about how you could trap the gingerbread man.
  2. Draw your plan and write down what you need.
  3. Make your trap and set it up ready to catch him!
  4. Review your trap – what went well, what didn’t go well, what are you going to do next time?
  • Parents: leave a few crumbs/evidence in the trap overnight – talk about what might have happened – did the gingerbread man get caught and then escape? Why were there crumbs?
  • Where could he be now?


  • Paper, pencils
  • Device to watch video


Maths (Reception)

(Approx. 30 mins)

  • Watch this video: ‘Session 1 – One less – 5 currant buns’ (Alive in 5! Week 1) (8mins)


  • How many dots are there? Answer as quickly as you can and show us on your fingers!
  • Pause the video and answer the questions.
  • Make some pretend currant buns (lego/ playdough/teddies/rolls). Sing 5 currant buns, whilst taking one away each time – you could draw a huge 5 frame to fit your objects onto – talk about what happens to the five frame spaces each time you take one away.
  • If you find this tricky, you could watch and join in with the video:


  • Device to watch video
  • 5 currant buns (or teddies/lego pieces/tins/ rolls – whatever you want to represent 5 currant buns!)
  • 5 frame (if desired – also one available in your home learning pack).


Maths (Year one)

(Approx. 30 mins)

  • Watch this video: ‘Sort 3D shapes (9mins)

Activity/ Resources:

  • Paper, pencils
  • Device to watch video
  • Separate sheet (Yr1 Wednesday Maths warm up + worksheet)



(Approx.  20mins)

Play ' Jenson's train game!'

  • Set up a train track/race track/shops/dolls house
  • Along the track, lay out different sounds - a mix of single sounds and digraphs e.g. s/a/t/p/i/n/m/d/g/o/c/k/ck/ai/ee/oo
  • Race your car around the track collecting three sounds.
  • Take the 3 sounds back to the 'building station'
  • Can you build a word with your three sounds? 
  • Is it a real word or a beegu word?
  • Count up how many words you can make!
  • Finish off by playing your favourite game on