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Remote Learning for the Week Beginning 1st February

Monday 1st February

Hi everyone,
I hope you had a good weekend.  This week we are working on fractions.  Don't panic - they are not that bad!  Just think of them as 'bits' of a whole amount.  I really enjoyed your work on The Swamp and hope you will enjoy doing some similar activities this week about the Tiger Samurai.
In the afternoon, have a look at the RSPB website and complete the online activities.  Afterwards, have a go at sketching a bird.  Please send me a photo of your finished work.  (The YouTube video should help).  Have fun!

How to draw a Bird for kids | Bird Drawing Lesson Step by Step

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Tuesday 2nd February


Hi everyone
I hope to see you all at our daily Google meet at 9.15 this morning.  After we have all had a chance to ask any questions and share any news, I will share my screen and go through the maths work.  If you would like to have a piece of paper (or print off the worksheet)  handy you could jot down the answers as we go along, like we would when doing the 'teacher led' work in class.  
In the afternoon, read about Viking weapons and warfare and then you could either draw and label a Viking soldier (use the interactive activity to help you) or you could make a Powerpoint presentation on Google slides to showcase your research.  As an extra challenge you could do both!

I have also posted the 'Express Yourself' slides for you to look at today so that you can think of some ideas and plan an activity to do tomorrow afternoon.
Have a good day!

Wednesday 3rd February

Hi everyone
It was good to see so many of you at the Google meet yesterday morning.  I hope the maths session helped you.  I will do the same this morning.  As William pointed out, the White Rose hub videos sometimes differ from the worksheets, but the skills they teach should help you to  get the work done.  I will go through the worksheet that you have been set, so please print it off or have a pen and paper handy if you would like to do he lesson with me.  Thank s again William for helping me get to grips with presenting my screen - your help is invaluable!  
For English, aim to write five complex sentences to describe what the samurai and the tiger found in the cave (you can use yesterday's drawing for ideas).  I have added a video clip to give you some extra help.  
In the afternoon, choose one (or more) of the ideas on the 'Express Yourself' slides.  You could draw or paint a picture (perhaps have another go at drawing a bird using Monday's video, but this time paint it or colour it with crayons).  You could write a poem or story,  or sing a song, perform a dance, or learn a tune on a ukulele (or other instrument!)  You could practise some body percussion or percussion using pots and pans and other things around the home.  You could also build a model from Lego or do some computer programming using ';Scratch.' 
Also, if you haven't already done so, spend some time recording the birds you can see from your window.  Maybe you could take some photos and send them in for this week's sharing assembly.  

The Tiger Samurai

Tiger Samurai

Thursday 4th February


HI everyone

We are very lucky to have an exciting online drumming session this afternoon at 1.00pm.  The link to join the session will be shared with you before 12pm.  For the session, you will need:

Resources list:

 - a wooden spoon (reasonably sturdy)

 - a cushion or pillow (that is ok to be hit with the wooden spoon!)

 - a metal or sturdy plastic container (tuppaware box, pot or pan, that can be also hit)

 - a plastic bottle with the top on, filled with rice, pasta or something similar.


It should be great fun!  (Don't forget to mute your microphones at the beginning).  

Enjoy the video links to get yourselves fired up!


It would be great to see ALL of you at 9.15 in our daily Google meet.  After I have explained the day's work, I will teach a maths lesson at 9.30 so have a pen and paper (or printed worksheet) to hand.

Have a good day.

Drumming on pots and pans | Avi Barak

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Friday 5th February

Hooray!  We have made it through another week.  Thank you so much for all the work you have sent me,  SO many of you are now experts at creating Google docs and slides and sending in your work.  Well done!  
Today, to celebrate children's mental health week, there is a menu of activities for you to enjoy from the Wellness Day activities below. (No English or maths today!)
Please do send me any photographs and write a few sentences to say what you enjoyed most on the Google doc below.  
Have a good day and have a lovely weekend!