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Sound: e


‘Go across the mouth and around the shell’


We love this sound, it’s so funny…e, e, e, egg drop!

We pretended to practice balancing an egg on a spoon trying not to let it drop!


We enjoyed shaking the egg box, then reading the sound that the marble had landed on - this is something easy that you could re-make at home.

(Write all of the sounds that we have learnt already in each egg space of an egg box, then place a marble/counter or piece of pasta inside.

Close the lid, shake, open it up and read the sound that it has landed on!)


Some of us played egg and spoon races too – it was a race to get to the end and read the word inside the egg!


Miss Sutton challenged us to pinch the sounds in these words, then write them too:

men, hen, ten, pet

m-e-n / h-e-n / t-e-n / p-e-t