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Sound: ck


‘Draw around the caterpillars mouth, up and down the bottle,

around the lid and flick out the ketchup’

(When we use digraphs in our writing, we join the letters)


After enjoying watching the phonics fairy read ‘Click clack moo, cows that type’,

we practised reading some words that have the ‘ck’ digraph in them from the computer.

cluck, muck, duck


A digraph is when two letters make one sound.

For example: sh, ck, ng, ir.


We formed the ‘ck’ digraph  on our own whiteboards and practised applying ‘ck’ to words just like the click clack cows.


Then, some of us played snap with words and pictures with the ‘ck’ digraph and some of us pretended to be the click clack cows, typing ‘ck’ words on the laptops!